Fighting for Safe Communities

Crime has a deleterious effect on communities. Beyond the comfort that comes along with safety, crime has a spiraling down effect on afflicted neighborhoods and ultimately consumes tax dollars in the form of court costs, drug treatment and incarceration. Crime is bad for people and it is bad for businesses.

We believe that when it comes to violent crime, one of the best methods of interdiction is to impose longer sentences. This serves as a deterent and keeps offenders off of the streets. Plea deals should not be extended to violent criminals, particularly those who are guilty of sexual offenses. Courts should process them with an effective trial which seeks the maximum sentence.

When it comes to drug crimes, a different approach should be considered. We spend millions of tax dollars locking up people and placing burdensome criminal records on people who have not threatened others. The war on drugs has been costly and inffective.

When it comes to public safety, it is a particular duty of government to address this with intensity and effectiveness. The people of Illinois deserve nothing less.