Steven Polit Your Next State Representative?

July 21, 2017

In an interview with North Cook News, Steven Polit of Mount Prospect spoke sharply against the Illinois General Assembly having passed a budget along with a tax increase. His interview also cited Representative David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) of the 53rd District who voted in favor.

Polit asserts that the spending bill will not solve the problem of overspending in Illinois. He maintains that this budget does not provide resources to pay off the $15 billion in unpaid bills.

In his opinion, the 15 republicans who voted with democrats to override Governor Rauner’s veto and in favor of the budget and the 32% tax increase failed to hold the line.

“The problem in Illinois is spending gets you votes instead of solutions,” Polit said. “The power structure always does what it wants to do. We finally have a governor who understood you can’t spend more than you take in. Republicans were getting close to exercising power but were uncomfortable with the outcome.”

The interview goes on to specifically cite that Rep David Harris did indeed vote for the budget. Harris maintains that his intention was to save our state. Polit went on to characterize the income tax as a “corruption tax” where taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab for all of the things that happen. He added that operations in Illinois need to change instead of a tax increase.

Given the frustration that many voters on both sides of the aisle feel about a tax increase, republicans representatives who voted to raise taxes and support massive spending should feel vulnerable. Those republicans also defied the Governor who has deep pockets and a well established history of financially backing candidates.

Steven Polit happens to have a history in republican politics at the local level, having run for and served as Mount Prospect Trustee for two four year terms. Given the conditions, Rep Harris would be wise to keep looking in the rear view mirror. Stay tuned.