Shakeup at the Governor's Office

July 14, 2017

In the wake of the protracted budget battle and attending income tax increase, a shakeup has been going on in the Governor’s office. Giving the timing, it is undeniable that the dismissals are in response. So far, the following people have been let go…

  • Richard Goldberg – Chief of Staff

  • Jennifer Grady-Paswater - Corrections and criminal justice adviser

  • Jason Hefley, - environment and energy policy

  • Brian Oszakiewski – transportation

  • Daniel Suess – small state agencies

Today witnessed the resignation of Mike Zolnierowicz who has served in a variety of capacities including Chief of Staff.

Clearly the result of the special session was not the fault of the Governor’s staff. The years of kicking the can down the road by our legislator was the culprit.