Tax Increase Anger – Invective, Resignation and Ammie Kessem to Run

July 10, 2017

While there is relief that our state finally has a budget, it comes with a 1.2% personal income tax and a 1.75% corporate tax increase. This has led to considerable rage directed at both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

During the special session debate, GOP lawmakers faced a rash of invective. Rep Steve Andersson received a message asserting, “You are selling your soul to the devil.” Another said, “I am coming for you.” A seething message stating, ““You my dear, are a f---ing animal. 32%! You stupid b----,” was posted to Rep. Litesa Wallace’s Facebook page.

However much we do not enjoy the tax increase, such commentary is clearly unacceptable on its face. It is of no doubt that our lawmakers were in a tight box. We stand with other business owners who justifiably feel concern over the impact.

“If we don’t control spending in the state of Illinois, this tax hike isn’t going to mean a thing, said Pam Cumpata, president of McHenry County Economic Development Corp.

It is no doubt that political upheaval will occur in response to the tax increase. It has already begun.

First time candidate, Ammie Kessem announced her run for State Representative of Illinois District 19 against incumbent democrat Robert Martwick. "There is no possible way they can justify a 32% income tax increase when they did absolutely NOTHING in the way of reforms to make sure that this continued hijacking and mismanagement of our hard earned income ends. It's absolutely shameful and an embarrassment." says Kessem. On her Facebook page Ammie posted that she intended to announce later, but the tax increase inspired her to get started early. Kessem is running in the 2018 general election.

It is a high degree of likelihood that primary challenges will come to the GOP lawmakers who crossed the aisle. We have also witnessed three experienced legislators step down and or announce they will not seek re-election, Rep Andersson has been ousted as floor leader and Governor Rauner fired his chief of staff.

The dimensions of fallout arising from the tax increase is unknown, and only time will tell just who will feel the consequences the most.